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Natsunoya Menu

Nastunoya Sushi Bar was a lot of fun. The sushi was good and the sushi chef was engaging, friendly, and helpful. Thanks Garrett for the great meal and the 60s music!

Anyway, as one of our members works on his review, check out the menu for that night. We pretty much ate all the good stuff on the menu. Including the dessert!

Good all the way through.


Poll Question: Eating for Disasters

One of our members at our Natsunoya dinner brought up an interesting point.

She was with her parents at the market early in the morning buying food items in case the power and water went down in the event that the tsunami might have been a real natural disaster. Her mother selected items that would be ideal for long-term survival, such as foods high in protein and were not perishable. However, upon seeing other people buying beer, chips, and ramen (things appropriate for a short-term event like a party) she went and also got those items.In my lackadaisical approach I kind of slept through everything. . . yes, irresponsible I know, but I also live on a mountain and have parents who love Costco. So what did or what would you do?


The Start

There is no love sincerer than the love of food. – George Bernard Shaw, playwright


The purpose of the Honolulu Grub Club (HGC) is for a group of friends to explore their love of food together. Here at our blog and website we will share our thoughts, opinions, and ideas about our dining experiences. 

Last night the HGC had its second event, where six of us gathered on the slopes of Alewa Heights and shared good sushi at Natsunoya Tea House’s new Sushi Bar. We didn’t know if we were going to meet or not due to the tsunami warning earlier, but after a questionable start to the day the night ended with good food and friends.

Maguro (Tuna) - The start of a great evening.

 Similarly, our experience with writing blogs may be questionable at first, but in the end we hope you enjoy our collection of writings and pictures and it is the start of loving our blog as much as we love food.

Thank you.