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12th Ave Grill Reviews and May Dinner

Hey just letting you all know the HGC is having its April dinner at 12th Ave Grill tonight! Expect a couple of dinner reviews from our bloggers soon. Also keep a lookout as the May dinner will be announced soon!

Spam Jam this weekend!


Does anyone know if this is in our local supermarkets?

If you are craving that canned meat that makes Hawaii so famous (and probably grosses out the rest of the union) for its consumption this weekend (April 24) is Spam Jam in Waikiki.

If you want to educate yourself about the facts and figures of spam. Check it out here.


Progressive Dining Anyone?

The Honolulu Advertiser is trying to bring back a trend from the 1970s and 80s. Namely, Progressive Dining, which is a form of mobile potluck. However, upgraded to today’s standards it is grabbing a bunch of your friends and eating your appetizer, main course, and dessert at different locations. 

The Advertiser’s suggestions are delicious and pretty good. The only concern is time. When are you going to do this eating tour? Probably on a Friday or Saturday night. Have these people seen the traffic and parking on those two nights? How are you going to get from Kahala, Waikiki, and then to Manoa . . . it’s true they suggest walking and eating, but still someone needs to be driving. 

Must get to next meal, quickly!

Anyway, it might be fun to try some of these routes out as suggested by the article. Also it might be good to time them to see if it actually works out for a weekend evening. 

Better still can you come up with your own Progressive Dining route? Send it to the Grub Club and we’ll try it out and post our reactions.

Hawaii Food and Wine Paradise

Tickets are on sale for the 3rd Annual Hawaii Food and Wine Paradise (HFWP). It is May 27-29. If you want to check it out click here.

Have you had your Double Down today?

The Colonel says you don't need any buns. Just fried breasts oozing with cheese and bacon.

KFC, not content with you buying a bucket of fried chicken, has decided to invade and clog up sandwich land with its Double Down. What is a Double Down you ask? KFC has decided to defy definition (and your heart’s ability to pump blood) by saying that two pieces of fried chicken, standing in for the bread, holding together bacon and cheese is a “sandwich.”


Webster Dictionary defines a “sandwich” as the following:

1 a : two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between b : one slice of bread covered with food
2 : something resembling a sandwich; especially : composite structural material consisting of layers often of high-strength facings bonded to a low strength central core

Notice that the Double Down could sort of fit the second definition, which is kind of disturbing because that sounds more like it is describing industrial metallurgy rather than something to eat. It is clear by that definition that no bread equals no sandwich. Despite that fact, KFC was able to be relatively healthier than McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich. Check it out here.

However, saying you are healthier than McDonalds  is like saying you live in a warmer climate than the North Pole and you live in Alaska (then again if you are some idiot in Alaska you might make that comparison).

Anyway, despite  its definition-defying status are you gonna try the Double Down? Have you tried it?  Are you gonna Double Down on your stomach today? To find your nearest KFC click here. Let us know how it tastes!

IGN’s Top Food iPhone Apps

IGN recently put up a piece telling you what their picks are for the top Iphone Apps.

What food apps doyou have on your Iphone? I use Drync Wine as an app to track wine consumed. I have Open Table, Yelp, and Urbanspoon to help me tell what is nearby to eat, make reservations, or read quick reviews.

Also if you don’t have an Iphone, what piece of gadgetry do you use to locate or plan your next meal?

Why do you Hate certain foods?

Recently, the New York Times tried to get to the bottom of why some people hate cilantro and others love it. Basically, for people who hate cilantro it evokes tastes of soap and lotion (because chemically they have similar molecules). It has to do with a part of the brain that uses taste and smell for survival purposes.

National Public Radio also had a similar study posted in this article a few years back.

There is even a blog dedicated to cilantro haters. At I Hate Cilantro, bloggers that love food, they must deal with their animosity toward cilantro.

So what food do you hate? Clearly, our mascot doesn’t hate anything as he gorges himself on rose leaves, but what about you? Why do you hate a certain food? Does it taste like soap to you?

A Picture is Worth 1000 Calories?

The New York Times recently published an article about people taking pictures of their food. It is a good thing, so long as it does not get out of hand to be able to share pictures of your meal. It’s a personal experience and that one picture is worth sharing with others as they may want to have the same meal experience as you.

Here at the Grub Club most of our members love taking pictures of their food. Hopefully, we will have more blogs up and running and you can see different perspectives and opinions on food and the dining experience. We also are fortunate to have one of our members as a hobby photographer who captures the beauty of the dishes we order at our dinner events. The pictures are found at Flickr.

However, if you’d like to put up pictures or have suggestions let us know.

HIFF: Movies for Foodies

The Honolulu International Film Festival (HIFF) is having its Spring Showcase soon, April 16-22. It will have four films that are about food or a have a food-centered theme. They are:

For more information about these films check it out here.

The HGC’s Flickr Photostream

For more delicious food pics check out our Flickr photostream here: