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The Social Power of Cheesecake

It's cheesecake party time!

Cheesecake and the internet, together they are a powerful force. Specifically, Cake Envy has proven that for small businesses, word-of-mouth, whether in-person or via a Facebook message, can help a business. In this Pacific Business News article, Amy Brookes, owner of Cake Envy, talks about how Facebook is one of the largest generators of business.

In general, I feel that the internet has helped small businesses leverage the power of easy marketing tools. However, Amy is right to point out that old-fashioned networking is still helpful.

I think the real bottom line is that having a good product worthy to talk about whether via Facebook, Twitter, or in your face is what counts. When it comes to food, if it tastes bad no one is going to talk about it. If they do, they will say how bad it is, so at your next party bring a good cheesecake. You will be making friends, and friends for the business you bought the cheesecake from.


Drowning in Salt

The real phantom menance, salt . . . it hides in your food waiting to attack you.

Our bodies are drowning in salt. 9 in 10 Americans eat too much salt, so reports NPR. In general, it isn’t your “supertaster” friend dumping salt on your popcorn, nor is it you just sprinkling some salt on your steak that is the main culprit. Suprisingly, that is only 10%.

Where is all this salt coming from? It is coming from foods that have more salt in them than we think, but yet when we eat them they don’t taste salty at all. Some of the biggest offenders are: grain mixtures, frozen soups, breads. and yes, I’m sad to write, cakes . . . why are cakes so evil?! They tempt us and then poison us with sugar and salt. Oh well, pick your poison I say, death by cake!

Eat your Geekiness

If you don't know why that isn't cool(geeky) then you need to watch some BBC.

Do you like Star Wars? Your Iphone? Comics? Do you love cake?

Well, why not to combine the two? For birthdays? Of course, that is a no brainer! What about your wedding? Could you convince your loved one it’s time to go down the path of wedded bliss with Hello Kitty?

Anyway, check out these websites for some of the geekiest cakes made:

By the way, can someone tell me why is the Iphone geeky? I thought it was hip and cool . . . isn’t the Blackberry dorkier? Or is it just more corporate?

Oh yeah, and to my friends reading this I want a Star Destroyer cake . . . I mean it! Or a Death Star. It better be made out of chocolate!

Pass the Salt Please!

More salt please! No, that's not enough I need like a state full of salt, not just a flat.

Do you always add salt to everything? Do you always feel like a pinch (or handful) of salt makes the world go round? Popcorn? Give me the salt shaker and let’s make it snow! Or at least know someone like that?

Well, if you do, then chances are you are a “supertaster.” What is a “supertaster”? These are people who have a heightened sense of taste. Basically, it’s like being Superman, but in your taste buds. Therefore, due to this genetic trait, certain people among the populace will continue to reach for those salt and vinegar chips long after you have dried out.

Now, I think myself and my best friend are “supertasters.” Let’s just say we both agree that something could always use more salt. In addition, I tend to like cheeses that have formed salt crystals and will keep reaching for the Caved Aged Guyere long after everyone else has stopped. Now, I’m not really sure I am a “supertaster,” but a lot of what the study said sounds like me. However, it is unhelpful the study focuses on Caucasian, and I’m just Asian. So only time will tell.

In the meantime, for more information on “supertasters” and the study conducted check out at here at NPR.


It's like a rainbow, a rainbow of when stuff is available to eat! I want to eat the rainbow

Anyone who knows me, knows I love infographics. An infographic is a graphical representation of information, data, or knowledge (thank you, wikipedia). I also love food, thus I started an eating club, do a blog, and generally try to think of new innovative things to show you all (but not really as someone has already done it so I let the links do my work). Anyway, I was bored one day and typed in “food infographics” into Google (novel, I know). Of course Google does its magic and I have several sites with beautiful infographics showing me things about food I never knew.

For instance, the seasonality of certain foods. You know I always love strawberries and never know when they come around. I also think I only pay attention to gourds, melons, and anything the reminds me of my head (big and full of stuff in it, but not the tasty part). So I of course selected the picture to go with this post. I hope some of you find it happy. I’m always wondering when something is coming into season, so much so I might want to print out this handy infographic. May be you should too! I also totally coined a new term, food infographics, should be “infoodgraphics.”

Anyway, is there something in Hawaii food culture you’d like to see turned into an infographic? May be the consumption of spam by Hawaii as compared to the rest of the nation in the shape of a spam musubi?

Caesar Salad Not Named After the Caesar You Think

He did not make salads, only an empire . . .

What’s in a name? For certain names of foods it’s a person . . . well, a person’s name, and not literally a person . . . cannablism will be covered some other time (or may be never). Anyway, certain food items conjure the food or the ingredients more than they do the actual person or in the case of Caesar Salad the general public thinks of the wrong person

This guy definitely did make salads.

Woman’s Day (I don’t read it regularly, I found the article through Digg) has a short article on 20 food items that are named after people. I was kind of suprised by the German Chocolate Cake, I always thought it came from Germany . . . but oh well you learn something new everyday.

So are there any food items you wonder where their name came from or why they are named that (Monkey Picked Tea)? Share your thoughts and may be someone might have the answer . . . or may be I’ll go find you the answer. Or may be we’ll just wait for another Woman’s Dary article . . .

Wine and Cheese on your Phone!

How cool would it be if you could actually drink from it too?

Well, this past weekend’s Wine and Cheese Party was a huge success. However, what if you want to replicate it? Or what if you need a quick idea for a pairing? Or what if you want to remember what you drank that induced that nice, warm, tingling feeling?

Well, for you Iphone users there are several apps to help you with those problems. Remember, “there’s an app for everything.”

In terms of cheeses, Slashfood has rated several apps, which you can check out here.

For wines, MacWorld has reviewed the options for winos. I personally use Drync because when I downloaded it was free. It also allows me to keep track of what I have drank and make notes . . . if I ever get to that stage because I’m too busy enjoying my wine. They need an app that just automatically can tell if I’m enjoying my wine or not and does all the work for me . . . or a gourmet robot would be just as cool.

Anyway, if you like food apps for your Iphone also check out this old post. For those of you without an Iphone I have no idea what to tell you . . . get an Iphone? Borrow an Iphone?

Cheese, the Cat’s Meow

Hey HGC members we have had our first link exchange. Please check out the Cheesemonger’s Weblog. A great blog about all things cheesey. For those of you still looking for cheese’s tomorrow may be a last-minute idea will pop up while perusing the blog. In addition, our fellow sommelier-member has written up a great suggestion. If you don’t use it for tomorrow feel free to use it in the future. It will be located in the Features part of the website. See you all soon.

Summer Wines

Toast to the beauty of summer!

Chuck Furuya, Hawaii’s Master Sommelier, has offered his suggestion of good summer wines in this article of the new Star-Advertiser. So if you are still having trouble deciding what you should bring to this weekend’s Wine and Cheese Party or just want something later for this summer read up on his suggestions.

Would you like some Salt with your Coffee?

You know what this needs?

Don’t you just enjoy the exotic blend of sea salt and coffee? Well, according to this NPR article Americans in California just might. A Taiwanese company is hoping to be the Eastern Starbucks here in America with its Sea Salt Lattes, squid-ink bread, made with Vermont sharp cheddar cheese and garlic paste, blueberry brioche, and a taro root bread.

Wait a minute taro root bread? That sounds familiar, in fact some of the stuff sounds like what we have here already or deviation. Don’t you think sometimes this novelty of East meets West has already happened in Hawaii?

Some salt, that's right sea salt, NOT sugar . . .

While Hawaii is not the center of the universe (just the center of the Pacific Ocean or the Ring of Fire!) it would be nice if this Taiwan hit would open a store here because the variety of cultures and tastes of islanders. They already would have a mixed crowd used to weird combinations.

Or rather than waiting for company’s to recognize Hawaii’s unique blend it might be time that Hawaii just has it’s own coffee and bakery company bringing the islands to the world rather than just visiting friends bringing bags of Kona Coffee to their friends on the mainland.  But in the mean time can you pass the salt instead of the sugar?