Caesar Salad Not Named After the Caesar You Think

He did not make salads, only an empire . . .

What’s in a name? For certain names of foods it’s a person . . . well, a person’s name, and not literally a person . . . cannablism will be covered some other time (or may be never). Anyway, certain food items conjure the food or the ingredients more than they do the actual person or in the case of Caesar Salad the general public thinks of the wrong person

This guy definitely did make salads.

Woman’s Day (I don’t read it regularly, I found the article through Digg) has a short article on 20 food items that are named after people. I was kind of suprised by the German Chocolate Cake, I always thought it came from Germany . . . but oh well you learn something new everyday.

So are there any food items you wonder where their name came from or why they are named that (Monkey Picked Tea)? Share your thoughts and may be someone might have the answer . . . or may be I’ll go find you the answer. Or may be we’ll just wait for another Woman’s Dary article . . .


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