It's like a rainbow, a rainbow of when stuff is available to eat! I want to eat the rainbow

Anyone who knows me, knows I love infographics. An infographic is a graphical representation of information, data, or knowledge (thank you, wikipedia). I also love food, thus I started an eating club, do a blog, and generally try to think of new innovative things to show you all (but not really as someone has already done it so I let the links do my work). Anyway, I was bored one day and typed in “food infographics” into Google (novel, I know). Of course Google does its magic and I have several sites with beautiful infographics showing me things about food I never knew.

For instance, the seasonality of certain foods. You know I always love strawberries and never know when they come around. I also think I only pay attention to gourds, melons, and anything the reminds me of my head (big and full of stuff in it, but not the tasty part). So I of course selected the picture to go with this post. I hope some of you find it happy. I’m always wondering when something is coming into season, so much so I might want to print out this handy infographic. May be you should too! I also totally coined a new term, food infographics, should be “infoodgraphics.”

Anyway, is there something in Hawaii food culture you’d like to see turned into an infographic? May be the consumption of spam by Hawaii as compared to the rest of the nation in the shape of a spam musubi?

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