Pass the Salt Please!

More salt please! No, that's not enough I need like a state full of salt, not just a flat.

Do you always add salt to everything? Do you always feel like a pinch (or handful) of salt makes the world go round? Popcorn? Give me the salt shaker and let’s make it snow! Or at least know someone like that?

Well, if you do, then chances are you are a “supertaster.” What is a “supertaster”? These are people who have a heightened sense of taste. Basically, it’s like being Superman, but in your taste buds. Therefore, due to this genetic trait, certain people among the populace will continue to reach for those salt and vinegar chips long after you have dried out.

Now, I think myself and my best friend are “supertasters.” Let’s just say we both agree that something could always use more salt. In addition, I tend to like cheeses that have formed salt crystals and will keep reaching for the Caved Aged Guyere long after everyone else has stopped. Now, I’m not really sure I am a “supertaster,” but a lot of what the study said sounds like me. However, it is unhelpful the study focuses on Caucasian, and I’m just Asian. So only time will tell.

In the meantime, for more information on “supertasters” and the study conducted check out at here at NPR.


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