Eat your Geekiness

If you don't know why that isn't cool(geeky) then you need to watch some BBC.

Do you like Star Wars? Your Iphone? Comics? Do you love cake?

Well, why not to combine the two? For birthdays? Of course, that is a no brainer! What about your wedding? Could you convince your loved one it’s time to go down the path of wedded bliss with Hello Kitty?

Anyway, check out these websites for some of the geekiest cakes made:

By the way, can someone tell me why is the Iphone geeky? I thought it was hip and cool . . . isn’t the Blackberry dorkier? Or is it just more corporate?

Oh yeah, and to my friends reading this I want a Star Destroyer cake . . . I mean it! Or a Death Star. It better be made out of chocolate!


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