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Wine and Price


Surprise, surprise. It’s a post with an infographic! Anyway, this one I think is quite helpful as I know a lot of you like to drink wine. (Yeah Wine and Cheese Party!) This nifty little infographic by Snooth shows us what goes into the cost of wine.

Next time you are at a Wine Party (preferrably a HGC one!) you can wow your fellow inebriated guests armed with the knowledge of how to pair wine and cheese and knowing the costs that go into making wine.

Tell them that the cork on wine is close to 6 times more expensive than the capsule.

That the average cost of printing and labeling costs almost as much as the average glass bottle. (0.83 cents to 0.88 cents)

How about that Australian Grapes are close to 10 times cheaper than Chardonnay.

And that Merlot is more than 2.5 times more expensive than a Malbec. However, if you were to tell me that I would a) tell you I know that already and b) I’m enjoying both too much too care . . . well I might sip the Merlot a little slower.  

Anyway, expect to see a beer infographic after the Oktoberfest: Beer and Wurst Party. Until then save a glass for me!


Numbers and Pictures

The HGC blog randomly showing you random combinations like zombies and food.

Clearly, I am on a numbers and pictures kick (probably because I am too lazy to read anything lengthy). Anyway, here are 2 lists of Top 10 (or possibly just 12, but not “Top”) grouping of pictures that the author came up with to show you they can make connections amoung similar concepts and/or imagery.

First up from LA Weekly we have Top 10 Brain Cakes: What Happens When Zombie-Lovers Bake. Why is there a need for “Top”? Why can’t it be just “10 Pictures I Pulled Off of Flickr because I Couldn’t think of Something to Write for this Week”? Anyway, I still like this list because I love cupcakes and zombies. I’m a fan of fusion or mixed genres whenever it is done in an amusing way. Anyway, let me blend this food blog with my video gaming hobby. Go check out Plants vs. Zombies or the L4D series if you like zombies.

Next up we have Dark Roasted Blend’s series of pictures of “Quirky Kitchen Appliances with Somewhat Crazy Look and Feel to Them“. First of all I like the title, it rambles (kind of like how I do). Second, it has the toaster I bought my sister many years ago. It’s an awesome toaster if you like breakfast sandwiches. Thirdly, the aesthetics of dorkiness sceams that I must have one of these things in my kitchen.

Anyway, expect the next post to be about food with numbers and possibly useful or entertaining information.

Picture Worth a Thousand Calories

It's like Turkducken, but with fast food!

So I bring you this follow-up on yesterday’s post about the food infographic showing the average type and amount of food consumed by an American.

This series of pictures clearly shows some person trying to consume that average amount in one sitting in one dish. Truly amazing, a pizza that is combined with burgers, fries, and chicken McNuggets. Clearly, this is an attempt by one person who is trying to skew the infographics 29 lbs of fries and 23 lbs of pizza toward 30 lbs. I’d say they are making great headway.

My favorite part of the photos is the gun in the last picture. If I saw this series of photos in an art gallery and you told me the artist named the series “America: Fuck Yeah (Food Edition)“. I would say, “the artist has a way with words the way (s)he does with their subject.”

Are you What you Eat?

How much dairy do you think you consume in a year? Do you crave a lot of bovine juice in your food? Well, if you do, then you are the average 36.6 year old American of 5’9″ (m) or 5’4″ (f). You all know how much I love infographics (or as I call them here “Infoodgraphics“). So I was pleased as an American and a dork when I recently discovered this nifty graphic put out by Visual Economics.

Apparently, the average American consumes 600.5 lbs of dairy products a year (which includes 181 lbs of beverage milks). Far ahead of anything else. We consume 415.4 lbs of vegetables (which includes 56 lbs of corn). This is followed by 273.2 lbs of fruit. I thought we Americans were ok healthy when I saw the amount of vegetables and fruits consumed, but then I scrolled down and was reminded that this includes things like pizza, soda, and fries.

If you are what you eat, then I guess this makes us a nation of cows.

I’m kind of curious if the average Hawaii person matches this chart or if the numbers are slightly different given the make-up of our islands. It would probably be like 10 tons of salt considering how much shoyu we put on everything. In any event, this information may answer my prior ponderings in the previous post (try say that four times fast) of why we have eating contests.

Don’t Jail Hot Dog Eaters!

This is unrelated to the post below, I just thought it looked cute. (Felony Franks)

NPR reported over this past weekend that Japanese eating champion (I can’t believe it’s now become a norm to have eating champions?!) Takeru Kobayashi was freed from jail. He was jailed for obstruction of governmental administration, resisting arrest, trespassing and disorderly conduct. I guess we take our eating competitions seriously in this country. Apparently, he was not allowed to “compete” because of a contract dispute . . . I don’t know how any of this makes sense. If anyone can explain this to me it would be appreciated.

This year’s winner Joey “Jaws” Chestnut won $20,000 for eating 68 hot dogs. He was disappointed at his performance. He wanted to down 70 dogs in 10 minutes . . .

Speaking of eating competitions . . . well the competing part that is does anyone want to compete in a Cheesecake Throwdown? I already have some competitors and judges, but the more the merrier or cheesier?

There is a Disturbance in the Taste

If you have made this face you probably met a bad nut.

Ever get a bitter-metallic aftertaste when eating pine nuts and it just won’t go away? Like there is a lingering problem or a disturbance in the force if you will? Well, I haven’t so this ends this post . . . just kidding. Anyway, NPR has an article about “Pine Mouth.”  

What is “Pine Mouth”? It definitely is not a Syfy B-movie (not yet). Well, some people experience a nasty aftertaste from eating pine nuts that will not go away for a while. It ruins the taste of everything after it because it is so potent. The cause? No one is really quite sure, unlike the cilantro problem, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of experiences. The FDA documented only 53 complaints last year and because there is no accompanying illness only marks this problem as “taste disturbance.”

The two possible theories (which they people aren’t even sure about) is the preparer leaves the pine nuts out too long. Pine nut oil can go rancid quite fast. The second theory is Chinese imports. Researchers in Switzerland did an analysis of imported pine nuts and discovered two inedible species in the supply chain.

So ever eat bad pine nuts? Ever eat anything bad that ruined your afternoon/week/month? Share it with us. Also check out some other people’s experiences with nuts gone bad! Here and there is even a Facebook group you can join.

Worried about Senior Moments?

I need to remember! I need more coffee!

Then drink a cup of coffee or 5! In this NPR article it seems that researchers have been studying the effect of caffeine on the brain. They basically gave caffeine water to mice, who over the course of the study showed improvement in their memory. The catch was they needed a certain amount, and that translated to humans, would mean 5 cups a day.

However, like any scientific research on animals, it does not necessarily mean it will work out that way in humans. There has been some promising studies, that show people who drink 3 to 5 cups, in their 40s and 50s led to a 65-70% decrease in getting Alzheimer’s in their 70s. Once again, correlation does not prove causation, and another plausible explanation is that these people who drink coffee have active lifestyles. The activity might be combating the disease.

So if you want to protect your brain head to Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, or just brew it yourself. Just remember to turn off the coffee maker.