Wine and Price


Surprise, surprise. It’s a post with an infographic! Anyway, this one I think is quite helpful as I know a lot of you like to drink wine. (Yeah Wine and Cheese Party!) This nifty little infographic by Snooth shows us what goes into the cost of wine.

Next time you are at a Wine Party (preferrably a HGC one!) you can wow your fellow inebriated guests armed with the knowledge of how to pair wine and cheese and knowing the costs that go into making wine.

Tell them that the cork on wine is close to 6 times more expensive than the capsule.

That the average cost of printing and labeling costs almost as much as the average glass bottle. (0.83 cents to 0.88 cents)

How about that Australian Grapes are close to 10 times cheaper than Chardonnay.

And that Merlot is more than 2.5 times more expensive than a Malbec. However, if you were to tell me that I would a) tell you I know that already and b) I’m enjoying both too much too care . . . well I might sip the Merlot a little slower.  

Anyway, expect to see a beer infographic after the Oktoberfest: Beer and Wurst Party. Until then save a glass for me!

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