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Honolulu Grub Club Blog Paradigm Shift

Dear HGC Members and Blog Readers, I have some blog-altering news to share with you. It has dawned upon me the more and more that I have written posts for this blog the more it has begun to sound more like me … Continue reading

Bottled Water is Not Good

Via: Term Life Insurance Water is quickly becoming the “blue gold” for the 21st century. Here in Hawaii it is easy to take for granted the quality of water, but we too feel the effects of drought and are reminded … Continue reading

Wine and Price

Surprise, surprise. It’s a post with an infographic! Anyway, this one I think is quite helpful as I know a lot of you like to drink wine. (Yeah Wine and Cheese Party!) This nifty little infographic by Snooth shows us what goes … Continue reading

Picture Worth a Thousand Calories

So I bring you this follow-up on yesterday’s post about the food infographic showing the average type and amount of food consumed by an American. This series of pictures clearly shows some person trying to consume that average amount in … Continue reading

Are you What you Eat?

How much dairy do you think you consume in a year? Do you crave a lot of bovine juice in your food? Well, if you do, then you are the average 36.6 year old American of 5’9″ (m) or 5’4″ (f). … Continue reading


Anyone who knows me, knows I love infographics. An infographic is a graphical representation of information, data, or knowledge (thank you, wikipedia). I also love food, thus I started an eating club, do a blog, and generally try to think … Continue reading