2010 Honolulu Grub Club Cheesecake Competition Rules

Honolulu Grub Club Cheesecake Competition Rules


  • What: The Honolulu Grub Club 2010 Cheesecake Competition
  • Date: August 21, 2010 (Saturday)
  • Location: Ket On Society Hall, Downtown Honolulu Chinatown
  • Time: Cheesecake Competitors arrive at 2:00 p.m. for set-up; Judges arrive by 2:30 for judging; and 3:00 is the Cheesecake and Coffee after party
  • Cash and Small Item Prize for the 1st Place Winner, along with bragging rights

Rules and Judging Criteria

Each participant may only submit one cake for judging. Your cake should be your own work and you can have minimal outside help, such as washing the dishes, taste suggestion, etc. . . . The cake will be judged by 3 judges. The cheesecake will be judged on 3 criteria, on a 5-point scale. With 1 being, “not so awesome” and 5 being, “oh my god that is the bomb!” The 3 criteria and their definitions are as follows:

  1. Taste – this means consistency of taste. Is the cake uniform throughout as you eat it? Does the flavor match the density/thickness of the cake?
  2. Presentation – does the cake look tasty? Is it presented in an artful way? Is the cake presented in a clean and appetizing manner? Would someone look at the pastry case and say, “ooh, that looks tasty!” about your cake?
  3. Creativity – Does the cheesecake offer something unique to the taster’s palette? Is the cheesecake unique in taste? Basically, it does not taste like it came from a Safeway box or TGIFs.  

There is a possible maximum of 45 points. The highest score wins.

The Some Other Basic Information and Rules

  1. After Competition Party. There will be other guests in attendance for Cheesecake and Coffee after the main judging event. Feel free to tell your friends to come and support you.
  2. Size of the Cake. Your cake has to be big enough to at least be offered up to 3 judges to each get a slice. Your cake should be bigger if you’d like to offer it to other guests for the after party. You may even make a second cake if you’d like, but only one cake will be judged. I will e-mail and notify you about how many people will be attending so you can plan accordingly.
  3. Judging. The cake judging shall be done blind. Therefore, you will have no interaction with the judges as they taste your cake. A lottery system will be done to see the order in which cakes are presented for judging.
  4. Index Card. Your only interaction is you may write a brief description about your cheesecake, which I will read to the judges as they taste the cake. Any remarks that identify the participant shall not be read. Any remarks that shall induce the judges to vote for you, for example, “Give me more points because my cheesecake is the best!” shall not be read. Basically, the description should brief enough to be able to fit on a 3”x5” index card.

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