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The Shiso Leaf Rating System

The shiso leaf generally accompanies sashimi as a garnish. Similarly, here you can consider our bloggers and their reviews as an augmentation to the HGC dinner events. We provide reviews as a way to arm yourself with knowledge so that you do not necessarily try a new restaurant raw and without someone else’s firsthand experience.

However, like any garnish, such as the shiso or parsley, you as the diner may or may not want to “eat” our reviews. We do hope though that our reviews do add something to your dining experience.

Explanation of the Numbers:


5 Shiso Leaves

5 Shiso Leaves?! Is there even a restaurant that has such awesomeness that makes Gurabbi and Grub Clubbers want to return the very next day after they ate themselves into a stupor the night before? Only time will tell if there is an establishment warrants 5 legendary leaves.


4 Shiso Leaves

The 4 Shiso Leaves of satiated serenity. The the reviewer entered a food bliss that made him or her consider coming back to the establishment time and time again. Basically, 4 leaves means this is a favorite that warrants  multiple visits. Whether it is tomorrow or next month, 4 leaves means we definitely will be back!

3 Shiso Leaves

3 Shiso Leaves means the dining was experience was good. However, was it spectacular? No. But, nor was it terrible. It was just average. Does that mean we will be back? Probably. There was probably a couple of dishes that stood out that are worth coming back for time to time.

2 Shiso Leaves

2 Shiso Leaves where to begin? This place was below average. After eating here the reviewer feels it would be best to spend your money and time somewhere else. However, if there is nowhere else to eat then come to the 2 Shiso left restaurant. It won’t be terrible, but it will be a “meh” dining experience. More often than not a 2 Shiso Leaf restaurant has one thing that is worth coming and pecking at, but that’s it.

1 Shiso Leaf

1 Shiso Leaf, is there even anything to explain? This restaurant was so bad that Gurrabi may not even touch it . . . and he is a grubworm. Generally, the restaurant would have to try and make the reviewers time horrible to receive a 1 Shiso Leaf rating. The restaurant would have to put forth a food idea and it fails plus the wait staff spit in the food . . . the place is that bad! So unless, the restaurant is striving for EPIC FAIL don’t expect to see a 1 Shiso Leaf Rating, kind of like how if we ever reviewed one so bad they would never see us again or our friends and family.