Hawaii Food News Roundup, Oct. 10-23

Sorry for the delay folks, but my past October has been hectic with pet emergencies and getting my career kick started. So I will be combining the past two weeks Hawaii Food news into one giant post and then get on with this past week’s info soon after. So you don’t need to wait with further anticipation here’s what was discussed for the past two weeks:


  • Over at the Honolulu Weekly they gave brief rundown of pasta, from its history, its science, and healthier portions. I wish I could be more timely, like the Weekly, as HIFF is now over, but if you get a chance to see these films at another festival or eventually DVD these foodie films should delight your eyes and water your mouth:
    1. Kings of Pastry: a documentary that follows three pastry chefs competing for the Meilleur Ouvrier de France, the country’s highest honor for the profession.
    2. Cooking up Dreams: is the next food trend in dining Peruvian? May be, you might have to see this film to see the food scene from the place that brought the world potatoes, peanuts, lima beans and quinoa.
    3. Rinco’s Restaurant: A Japanese movie about a lady’s return to her childhood hometown to open a quirky restaurant.
    4. Sakawao Decides: Another Japanese homecoming story, but this time the business is the clam-packing one.
    5. Taipei Exchanges: A Taiwan film about two sisters that run a coffes shop and act as arbiters of barters among their patrons.
  • Over at the Star Advertiser they reviewed the following two places:
    1. Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza, this cool truck found in Kalihi actually bakes its pizzas in a wood-fired pizza oven on site!
    2. Right next to Times Liliha is the Nice Day Chinese Restaurant, which the Advertiser reviewer seems to think there are some nice dishes ro return for.


The Maui News brought us the following stories in the prior two weeks:

  • The Noble Chef Benefit for the Maui Culinary Academy, being held on October 29,  is getting a whole lot of benefit. Host Chef Tylun Pang of the Pairmont Kea Lani Maui resort in Wailea will be launching his first cookbook at the benefit, but he plans to donate all his proceeds from the book sale to Academy!
  • Your mouth can visit Italy and France while your eyes can watch the sunset from the lobby restaurant Capische? located at the Hotel Wailea. All of this can be done for great kamaaina deals on the entrees. Find out more about their deals here.
  • Where’s the beef? Well, if it is from Maui cattle, some of it definitely landed up at Dan Bennett’s Peggy Sue’s located in Kihei. The name matches the food, as it’s all milkshakes, burgers, and fries from the past. Read up on it here.
  • Not just satisfied with being voted the “Best Restaurant Overall” in the recent Best of Maui contest by the Maui News, Lahaina Grill has to bribe its patrons with an awesome deal. To celebrate its 20 years of business they will be offering their entrees for $20 every Sunday through Thursday. Just make sure you are at 6 p.m., right after they open.


Over at the Garden Island.com they posted the following stories:

  • The Kaua‘i Independent Food Bank’s goal for the Holiday Food and Fund Drive is $40,000 and 40,000 pounds of food. The financial crisis has exacerbated the need for food and according to figures ending in September, Judy Lenthall, Executive Director, said there has been 62,256 emergency requests for food this year for the people of Kauai. So if you have food to spare help them out by checking out this link: www.kauaifoodbank.org.
  • The coffee berry borer is a small brown to black beetle pests that loves coffee cherries and beans as much as Gurabbi loves rose leaves. This news article tells of the devstating effect of the pest on the Big Island and warns Kauai farmers, growers, and others to be vigilant against bringing this destructive bug to the Garden Island.
  • “The Kaua‘i Grown program was initiated by the County of Kaua‘i Office of Economic Development and the Kaua‘i County Farm Bureau as a way to promote our locally grown agricultural products and recognize the farmers, ranchers, retailers, and restaurants that bring these products to the consumer,” Melissa McFerrin,  said during a Kaua‘i Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event introducing the program to the business community last Tuesday at Kukui‘ula Village, home of the weekly Culinary Market. For more information about the program check it out this link: www.kauaigrown.org.

Hawaii Food News Roundup, Oct. 3-9

Hey TGIF everyone! Hope everything is going well with you in this sunny state or wherever you may be. Let’s get to what was reported on in Hawaii food news this week shall we?

It's Kava time! Check out the Kava Festival this Saturday at UH.


  • The Honolulu Weekly reminds us that islands and rum go hand in hand by reporting on the three rum distilleries that operate in the islands; read more about them here.
    • For other events on Oahu see Honolulu Weekly’s Food Calendar here.
  • Has the student become the master? Iron Chef Morimoto has opened his Waikiki restaurant. This Nobu alumni must feel the pressure of his media fame and his former master with his latest restaurant. Check out the Advertiser’s review here and if you are interested in the experience that an Iron Chef has to offer be prepared to pay about $80 per person.
  • Tomorrow (Saturday the 9th) is the Annual Hawaii Pacific Island Kava Festival, held at the UH Manoa McCarthy Mall, from 11Am-7PM. What is kava you ask? Well, it is a pepper plant, also more commonly known as ‘awa here in the islands. The roots of the plant are used to produce a drink with mild sedative properties. For more information on the plant check here. If you want more information on the festival click here.
  • Hawaii Organic Farmers Association has created a directory for certified Hawaii organic products. The database is searchable by product and/or island. Start your search for some island organic goodness here
  • Midweek had the following pieces from this past week:
    • an interview with David Nagaishi, Operations Manager at Ocean House Waikiki;
    • a good write-up on Chef Nick Yamada’s Uahi Island Grill over in Kailua, with menu items like  an oven-braised pork chop smothered in pastele stew to a French and Chinese influenced Mandarin Duck Confit, there will probably be a reason you want to travel out to Kailua side from town; and
    • finally, sommelier Roberto Viernes reminds us while Zinfadels may not be the most flexible of wines to pair things with it is definitely a keeper and you might want to have a bottle from time to time, check out his plug for Zinfadel here.
  • Where did Side Street Inn go? Find out where it is located now (with its brand spanking new huge kitchen) and about owner-restauranteur Colin Nishida in this interview done by Honolulu Magazine here.

Neighbor Islands

  • The following features appeared in The Maui News this past week:
    • Kai Sushi Bar is bringing authentic and traditional sushi to diners’ plates over at the Ritz-Carlton in Kapulua, read more about it here;
    • Chef Will Munder is coming out with bold and new dramatic flavors over at Kula Lodge, if you want to read about it and its outdoor wood-burning pizza oven click here;
    • What’s happening over at the Hyatt? A lot! This Saturday, ‘Umalu will set the stage for its second Oktoberfest; while, the new Halona Kai Martini Lounge will be offering deals on its drink menu daily;  and Japengo’s,will be bringing authentic Pacific Rim dishes bearing roots from old Asian recipes,  but spiced up with modern techniques when it opens this mid-December, read more about all the exciting happenings at the Hyatt here.

Cupcakes, Chopsticks, and Some Wine – Events!

Another yummy cupcake company is coming at you, from Let Them Eat Cupcake!

Hey Grub Clubbers and Readers,

Don’t forget to check out this week’s First Friday and the debut of Let Them Eat Cupcake, their desserts look delicious.

Also there is still time to grab tickets to next week’s Chopsticks and Wine event by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce.

Hawaii Food News Roundup, Sept. 26-Oct. 2


  • Want to find out what’s hot about dogs? Check out this article by Honolulu Weekly on Hank’s Haute Dogs.
  • Confused and scared of the maze-like Chinatown Cultural Plaza? That might be a good thing if you get lost and find yourself at Terry’s Place, a great hidden bar. Read about it here.
  • Out on Waianae side? Do you want something progressive and organic? Then check out Kahumana Cafe as reviewed by the Star-Advertiser here. Definitely, looks like good eats and is helping keep us keep green on the insides and out.
  • Midweek has the following articles from this past week:
    • an interview with Dylan Ching, General Manager of Duke’s;
    • want to overindulge in the city of sin? Then check out this write-up on Kokomo’s;
    • going to a polo match? bring some of the suggestions by sommlier Roberto Viernes; and
    • continuining with the eating local theme for this week’s Kanu Challenge, Jo McGarry comments about her experience.
  • In similar vein, Michael Levine of Civil Beat tracks his journey of eating local for the week here.

Neighbor Islands

  • The Maui News reports the following:
    • Chef Mark Ellman launched a new book talking the use of “aloha” and its meaning to various people, and plans to open another restaurant in Lahaina next year, for more info check it out here;
    • The Maui Beach Hotel will be experimenting with sit-down dinners, for more info on what this entails read it here; and
    • finally, this article details how Pizza Paradiso over at Honokowai Marketplace has added a Mediterranean Grill serving up lamb gyros on flat bread, hummus, dolmas and occasionally, kebabs.


  • Last, but certainly not least, Refridgeraider does a write-up about Off-Menu’s Off-Premise Dinner held at Manifest this past Monday (9/27), check it out here.
  • As always if you’d like to follow the Grub Club feel free to subscribe by clicking the appropriate option on the sidebar. If you are interested in joining us for a dinner, event, or just to find out what the club is up to send us an e-mail at Hnlgrubclub@gmail.com.

Hawaii Food News Roundup, Sept. 19-25

Remember this week is Kanu Hawaii's Eat Local Challenge. Can you eat just local for a week?

Hello everyone, hope your week was as busy and exciting as mine. Well, hopefully it’s going to be awesome as next week Monday is Off-Menu’s first underground dinner. It should be fantastic with what they have planned. Stay tuned for a write-up on that event. Anyway, let’s get to what food news there was this week:


  • Check out Honolulu Weekly’s talk about the rise of cocktail dinners here in Hawaii. The unique pairing of cocktails with dinners to be found at Apartm3nt and Azure are the creation Joey Gottesman, a mixologist. At Apartm3nt, every last Thursday of the month features their Munch dinner series. This upcoming one is Tequila! Next week Tuesday, the 28th, Azure will be doing a 1960s inspired cocktail dinner called “Rat Pack Supperclub.”
  • Kanu Hawaii is encouraging people to participate in the discussion of Hawaii’s food sustainability through its Eat Local Challenge between Sept. 26 – Oct. 2. It hopes to increase Hawaii people’s awareness of how hard it is to stick with local food and thus address the larger issues at hand of our food supply. Honolulu Weekly tells us the  following restaurants will have an all local entree on its menu:
    • Town Kaimuki and Downtown at the HiSAM: at least one local item entree a day, as well as pai‘ai pounding demos on 9/27 and 10/1;
    • Apartment3: a local dish and a local cocktail all week;
    • Foodland: Weeklong local menu (breakfast, lunch and dinner), in-store sampling of local produce at stores statewide on 9/29;
    • ‘Umeke Market: All-local Kim Chee Burger and local greens for $9.95 all week; and
    • Naked Cow Dairy: a discount on their dairy products to Kanu members.

Finally, over at Civil Beat, Honolulu’s awesome online newspaper, reporter Michael Levine is trying to live up to the challenge by only eating locallly grown.

  • Speaking of grown, every winemaker knows that making great wine starts with the grapes in the vineyard. If you want to know more check out Midweek’s write-up here.

Neighbor Islands

  • Over at The Maui News, Dining Editor, Carla Tracy, talks about the A+ meals being served up at Maui Culinary Academy’s Class Act Restaurant. Class Act is being headed up by new instructor Chef Kyle Kawakami.
  • Moreover, The Maui News reports that Chefs Michael and Dana Pastula, Maui’s famous restaurant couple have opened their fifth Cafe O’Lei restaurant over at former Maui Grill at Napili Shores Resort.

Hawaii Food News Round-Up, Sept. 12-18

Sorry for missing this week completely, but alas I have some other pressing matters that I had to do this past week. I promise this week I will be on time. Anyway, let’s get to what Hawaii food news there was this past week.

Look at all those flavors of andagi at Nuuanu Okazuya! Someone tell me how the Pineapple Li Hing Mui tastes!


  • Like Korean food? Like Izakaya food? Why not try Richo? Honolulu Weekly discusses how this restaurant mutes the spiciness of Korean food with a Japanese style.
  • At Nuuanu Okazuya you will taste andagi meets Baskin Robins 31 flavors (and then some!), Chef Jonathan Mosley has infused the little Okinawan treat with 76 different flavors and counting, check out the Honolulu Weekly write-up here.
  • Midweek serves up the following interest pieces:
    1. a discussion with Iron Chef Morimoto of his opening an eatery down in Waikiki;
    2. an interview with Audrey Kamiya, Outlet manager for Beachhouse at Moana Surfrider;
    3. the science behind why sulfur is used in wine making; and finally,
    4. for you advanced fried rice makers why not try Sam Choy’s 2 recipes found here.

Neighbor Islands

  • Over at The Garden Island, they talk about the wonderful plant Kale, and how this leafy green vegetable is a boon to any yard or meal.

Hawaii News Round Up Will Be Late

Sorry folks, Hawaii News Round Up this week will be delayed. I unfortunately, have an all-day convention to attend in my professional career.

On a side note, check out Taste at Kapolei, happening this weekend! The event will be hosted at Ko Olina Resort and Marina. Click here to find out more about the venue, participating restaurants, and other info.

Hawaii Food News Round-Up, Sept. 5-11

Save things for secret eating! Sorry, inside dorky joke.


  • Have an extra hour or two for lunch in downtown? Tired of seeing all the same people for those power lunches? Well, Honolulu Weekly dishes up some of the hidden downtown eats. Not so hidden after everyone reads about it here.
  • Curious about more secret eating? Check out Honolulu Magazine’s quick write-up on Secret Menus. Moreover, check back here as we talk about Off-Menu’s first exclusive dining event in the forthcoming weeks.
  • The Star-Advertiser catches up with a Hawaii restaurateur George “Cass” Castagnola and reviews his latest establishment, Castagnola’s Pizzeria.  
  • How does your emotions play on your wine? Find out with this MidWeek article and some recommendations for certain pairings.

Neighbor Islands

  • Honolulu Weekly talks tea in this article about natural farming done by Mauna Kea Tea on the Big Island. Incidentally, I (Refridgeraider) picked up “For All the Tea in China: How England Stole the World’s Favorite Drink and Changed History” – I’ll let you know more about that on my site when I get to it.
  • If you find yourself not on the golden coast with Katy Perry and California gurls, but the Kohala Coast with local gurls and want some place nice eat, you might want to check out the following article from Honolulu Magazine.
  • Over at the Maui News:
    • On Maui and want to make a quick getaway? Head over to Four Seasons Resort Lana’i where they are now offering “Lana’i on your lanai” promotion, and it’s like room service, but done with a “private server, a fun musical playlist as well as extensive gourmet menu,” says the public relations manager. Find out more about it here.
    • Seems like Italian is the name of the game this week with the pizzeria and now this article on how the Hulopo’e Court at Four Seasons Resort Lana’i at Manele Bay has changed its menu; the Court now serves up fine Italian fare. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the gorgeous view.

Hawaii Food News Round-Up, Aug. 29-Sept. 4


Don't worry about cracked eggs, it will be an egg-cellent three day weekend!


  • Vegetarians lamenting about how little restaurant options you have in the land of loco moco? Well, the Star-Advertiser just reviewed two new vegetarian restaurants that opened up. Check out the article here on Loving Hut and Peace Cafe.
  • Speaking of vegan, how about vegan cupcakes too? Check out Honolulu Weekly’s write-up on Rise Up Cakes!
  • Midweek interviews Dave Campbell, Brewer at Sam Choy’s Big Aloha Brewery. Sounds like an intoxicating! Might need to hit up Sam Choy’s for ideas for the HGC Oktoberfest Party!
  • Midweek also takes a look at Ka Lei Eggs and how its tradition keeps this local brand egg-cellent, as the mainland egg farmers suffer from salmonella outbreak; for more info on the salmonella outbreak check out this NPR article and see also this article about the resistance of eggs to salmonella.

Neighbor Island

  • Honolulu Weekly reminds of the Taste of Hawaiian Range Festival coming up on the Big Island’s Waikoloa. If you are on the Big Island next weekend something definitely to check out.
  • The Maui News has the following food interest pieces:
    • Whole Foods in Kahului has just made it easier getting breakfast with its new hot bar;
    • Sansei doesn’t want you to forget that they have awesome cooked entrees right alongside their raw items;
    • and its recommended you check out Bistro Molokini at the Grand Wailea for lunch and dinner.
  • Reported from The Garden Island: at the first-ever Kaua‘i Grown Chef Cookoff for Charity at the Kaua‘i County Farm Bureau Fair Chef Matt Dela Cruz, executive chef of Roy’s Po‘ipu Grill and Bar, topped his competitors.

Off-Menu is Off the Hook!

I’d like to introduce a new, cool, and fun catering start-up here in Hawaii. Off-Menu!

Off-Menu is a full service catering company that can help you plan your dream event. Not only do they cater, but starting this month they will be having exclusive dining events with their chefs held in fun venues. The menus will be edgy, innovative, and fun. So Off-Menu will definitely be a different change of pace from your average catering company.

As for the lucky Grub Clubbers, we have been invited to their September event held at Manifest. For mroe information check your newsletter.

For a recap on their annual managers’ dinner check out Refridgeraider’s write -up here. If you want to find out more about the company check them out here.

Let them know you want what’s off menu at your next event!