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U.S.A. – United Spices of America

Sorry, I thought this was cute, dorky, and well I liked Dune . . .

It’s a spice party in the USA. This NPR article talks about how America’s changing demographics has created a nation that consumes a massive amount of spices. In fact, the consumption rate of spices in America has grown three times as fast as the population.

The USDA reports from the 1970s that America has consumed 600 percent more chili pepper, 300 percent more cumin, and 1,600 percent more ginger. That is a lot ginger . . . does that consumption amount include that pink ginger they add in sushi packs? Because I know for sure I don’t eat it.

Anyway, it is probably part my growth as a foodie, but I do like the ability to go to a lot of restaurants and ask for a variety of spices and condinments that may be 20 years ago only carried steak sauce of ketchup.

So what are some of your favorite spices? I for one love them all, and could not imagine a world without spices. The Spice Must Flow.

Btw, I highly recommend reading this book if you are interested with the hisotrical aspect of spice in the world.


Picture Worth a Thousand Calories

It's like Turkducken, but with fast food!

So I bring you this follow-up on yesterday’s post about the food infographic showing the average type and amount of food consumed by an American.

This series of pictures clearly shows some person trying to consume that average amount in one sitting in one dish. Truly amazing, a pizza that is combined with burgers, fries, and chicken McNuggets. Clearly, this is an attempt by one person who is trying to skew the infographics 29 lbs of fries and 23 lbs of pizza toward 30 lbs. I’d say they are making great headway.

My favorite part of the photos is the gun in the last picture. If I saw this series of photos in an art gallery and you told me the artist named the series “America: Fuck Yeah (Food Edition)“. I would say, “the artist has a way with words the way (s)he does with their subject.”