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Hawaii Food News Round-up, Aug. 8-14

How good are you at telling what you are eating without seeing it?

Oahu News

  • It’s the second weekend of Aug., so what better way to talk about ice cream! Check out Honolulu Weekly’s guide to some cold treats. – Also if you are interested in the history of ice cream check out Refridgeraider’s post here.
  • By the way, what is your favorite frozen treat? Refridgeraider loves gelato over ice cream, but another HGC member loves ice cream. How about you? Take out poll at the bottom of this post.
  • Formaggio Grill gives a whole new meaing to blind taste test, try eating your food blind-folded at Dining in the Dark to see how well you know your food. For the Star-Advertiser’s article click here. If you want to find out more about Dining in the Dark click this link.
  • Midweek’s Jo McGary brings another close-up of a local chef, this time Hiroshi Eurasion Tapa’s Executive Chef Hiroshi Fukui.

Neighbor Island News

  • Curious about eating beets, making cake out of them (yes, I did mean a Beet Cake), and the getting info on the Kaua‘i County Farm Bureau Fair, check it out here.
  • Finally, I know some of you like gardening (or attempting to garden) and love fresh herbs, so take a peek here to help you get started with your own herb garden.

Honolulu Grub Club Stuff

  • Don’t forget next weekend (Aug. 21) is the First Annual HGC Cheesecake Competition, which is shaping up to be a tasty battle. We have five competitors preparing their most awesome Cheesecakes. There will be cheesecake (served by the competitors) and coffee to go along afterward. Don’t forget to bring $5 and a mug for your cheesecake and coffee! E-mail for details.

Drowning in Salt

The real phantom menance, salt . . . it hides in your food waiting to attack you.

Our bodies are drowning in salt. 9 in 10 Americans eat too much salt, so reports NPR. In general, it isn’t your “supertaster” friend dumping salt on your popcorn, nor is it you just sprinkling some salt on your steak that is the main culprit. Suprisingly, that is only 10%.

Where is all this salt coming from? It is coming from foods that have more salt in them than we think, but yet when we eat them they don’t taste salty at all. Some of the biggest offenders are: grain mixtures, frozen soups, breads. and yes, I’m sad to write, cakes . . . why are cakes so evil?! They tempt us and then poison us with sugar and salt. Oh well, pick your poison I say, death by cake!

Eat your Geekiness

If you don't know why that isn't cool(geeky) then you need to watch some BBC.

Do you like Star Wars? Your Iphone? Comics? Do you love cake?

Well, why not to combine the two? For birthdays? Of course, that is a no brainer! What about your wedding? Could you convince your loved one it’s time to go down the path of wedded bliss with Hello Kitty?

Anyway, check out these websites for some of the geekiest cakes made:

By the way, can someone tell me why is the Iphone geeky? I thought it was hip and cool . . . isn’t the Blackberry dorkier? Or is it just more corporate?

Oh yeah, and to my friends reading this I want a Star Destroyer cake . . . I mean it! Or a Death Star. It better be made out of chocolate!

Caesar Salad Not Named After the Caesar You Think

He did not make salads, only an empire . . .

What’s in a name? For certain names of foods it’s a person . . . well, a person’s name, and not literally a person . . . cannablism will be covered some other time (or may be never). Anyway, certain food items conjure the food or the ingredients more than they do the actual person or in the case of Caesar Salad the general public thinks of the wrong person

This guy definitely did make salads.

Woman’s Day (I don’t read it regularly, I found the article through Digg) has a short article on 20 food items that are named after people. I was kind of suprised by the German Chocolate Cake, I always thought it came from Germany . . . but oh well you learn something new everyday.

So are there any food items you wonder where their name came from or why they are named that (Monkey Picked Tea)? Share your thoughts and may be someone might have the answer . . . or may be I’ll go find you the answer. Or may be we’ll just wait for another Woman’s Dary article . . .