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HGC’s First See-Food Scavenger Hunt Recap

As many of you know I had the honor of executing something I have been planning for a little under a year, the Honolulu Grub Club’s See-Food Scavenger Hunt.  It was a blast and I thank the participants as well as those who volunteered to help me set this up.  Please read the following recap to see what it looked like from an organizer’s point of view 

The Start

It was a bright and early Saturday morning for me as I prepared the food, prizes, and clues/answers sheets for what would be the HGC’s first (and hopefully not last) See-Food Scavenger Hunt.  It was going to be a hot day as it was already 78 degrees in the morning, but I did not realize how hot and fierce the competition would be.

Team Ninjas the only team assembled on time and ready to go with all the zeal expected of deadly assassins.

The contestants slowly rolled in, taking advantage of the 15-minute grace period I had given.  10:30AM?   Not on Hawaiian time, we would begin closer to 11:00AM with fully assembled teams, but the competitive talking had already begun among those who had arrived early.   Only one team would win, but everyone would enjoy an awesome barbeque from the hosting party at the Moana Pacific.

Team Don't Come For Me scoring some points.

There were four teams of eighteen individuals.  First to sign up, and punctual among all the teams were The Ninjas.  Populated with people seasoned in home cooking and wise beyond their years they had good spirits and were ready to have fun early in the morning to the afternoon.  After them was Team Rocket, a team put together of varying interests, but all brought together by charm, a competitive edge, and the enthusiasm of their namesake anime characters.  Team Don’t Come For Me followed,  late enough that their driver drove up to the parking lot while I prepared the instructions, but spirited enough and all of them know their way around a restaurant to be a deadly threat.  Last, and most certainly least was Team Mochi’s Minions (aka Team Civil Beat, as I really am not sure they settled on a name).  This team had come together literally within hours of me planning the last parts of the Hunt, but they were confident and just as a smart and savvy as their online news service.  Four teams, but only one would win.  Who would it be?  Well, here were the clues before them:

Clues (Can you Answer Them All?)

  1. Combine “A” to the left for this answer.
  2. Gurrabi’s favorite food.
  3. A piss load of this stuff will sweeten anything.
  4. The outline is Camelus bactrianus-like.
  5. Majestic Crustacean.
  6. Complete Sustenance.
  7. If I am steamed, I’m white, but if baked, I’m brown.  However, I’m always red on the inside.
  8. Go here to grab an Italian pie from the Golden Coast.
  9. I am the Bird of La Mancha
  10. When you’re alone and life is making you lonely you can always go here with Petula Clark.
  11. The seed from this palm will drive you crazy.
  12. If being Chin Ho Kelly doesn’t work out he can always be a burger chef here.
  13. I’m always a staple in a salad, sold fresh, unlike other vegetables that can be sold frozen, canned or cooked.
  14. This Eurasian country is for the birds.
  15. A twin-tailed siren that will keep you up.
  16. Fast bamboo eater.
  17. I am the only room without walls.
  18. A room above sea that Spongebob Squarepants would be at home in.
  19. A cake that is not baked.
  20. Everybody have fun tonight, here.
  21. Female deer likes specks of sunshine, talking about herself, running distances, and sewing, but seeks something missing.
  22. This thai rooster is found on almost every Vietnamense restaurant’s table.
  23. Pick me up all the herbs at Scarbourgh Fair.
  24. The home of Napoleon’s baked goods and chili that benefits all.
  25. My offspring are always showing on my skin.
  26. He beat an iron chef and opened this restaurant.
  27. To “slice or cut” a fish Hawaiian-style.
  28. This drink’s old formula could make an addict out of you.
  29. A place of potent potables.
  30. The only Queen that has met Julius on the island.
  31. Made Newton move in the right direction.
  32. {[7(10(5(5(2×2))))] + [((765-77)/2)-24]}/2 = ?
  33. Leonard’s Champions.
  34. I slice and cut, but I also can play music.
  35. I can usually be found in the same places as green tea ice cream, but you wouldn’t want to eat a scoopful of me.
  36. I am the fish that can win marathons.
  37. I sum u b
  38. Uncooked possesors of XY chromosomes.
  39. Breaking the fourth wall here is fine, just don’t break the plates, glasses, or furniture.
  40. M Cable
  41. Measuring a girl’s best friend.

Here are some of the answers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All of the answers will appear in a following post.  

The Waiting

After fast thinking, driving, and coordinating all the teams headed back toward the Moana Pacific within the three and half hours given to them.  Coming in close to twenty minutes before the time limit was Team Rocket.  Confident and filled with braggadocio, the team thought they had it in the bag.  With a quick glimpse and a slight shock to my face, they might just have.  They had answered all the clues and gotten pictures for them, and were almost right for every single answer.  It was a masterful stroke.

Team Rocket enjoying themselves at one of the best karaoke bars in Waikiki, Wang Chung's Karaoke Bar.

(Check out Wang Chung’s Karaoke Bar website here.)

Right on there heels, but still early, came in Mochi’s Minions.  Clearly, being hastily put together the night before did not stop their accuracy or zeal in giving it their best.  They too surprised me with how efficiently they answered the clues and got pictures.  When the two teams met the war of words had begun, and planting the seeds of doubt of whose answers were correct.

Salmon?  Awww, man that can’t be right!  What did you get for the Cable M clue?  And on it went.

Calling it as close as possible Team Don’t Come For Me and Team Ninjas arrived, both highly confident, but looking relaxed despite their timing.  Team Don’t Come For Me looked like they had taken a break at a Starbucks or something.   And actually, come to think of it Team Rocket looked like they not only figured out their clues they stopped for a drink to celebrate that fact . . .

The Winners

Well, the barbeque went forward with all teams assembled and they enjoyed their hard earned food and relaxation.   The work for me came as I totaled and tallied their answers.  In the end, the race was close, and the teams were all separated by three points each . . . yes three points out of a total of 140 points . . . how is that possible?  I panicked and thought I had miscalculated, so I checked over the answers and used my phone’s calculator and laptop’s one.   The reality was that Team Don’t Come For Me emerged triumphant defeating Team Rocket by three points, three points that a shiso leaf could have prevented.

What's that Gurabbi is eating? A shiso leaf!

Remember Grub Clubbers and readers Gurrabi the Grubworm’s favorite food and used by reviewers is the shiso leaf.   Hopefully, the Cake Competition this year is equally fierce and highly attended.  Look forward to all you bakers and what you can put forth!

After a long day of fun time to enjoy food!

Hopefully next year we can do a Scavenger Hunt, an Amazing Race, or an Iron Chef competition or even better yet, what if we fused all those together?

 For a participant’s point of view please check out Kyle H.’s write-up here.

One of the prizes for the winning team were t-shirts of this design. Designed for the Club by Mx Media.

If you are interested in getting in on the scavenger hunting game it appears that Nonstop with Eat the Street and Foodspotting.com will be doing a similar thing later today (5/27/2011) at Eat the Street.  For more information check out this link.


Hawaii Food News Round-Up, Aug. 1-7

Oahu News

  • An interesting look at Hawaii’s community kitchens or incubator kitchens, which have help shape the small food businesses in the islands can be found here.
  • It’s peanut butter jelly time! Honolulu Weekly’s article gives you some location to get your nuttiness on! Some of my fave places to go in the list include: Bubbies, Hokulani Bake Shop, and Cake Couture. I haven’t tried Otto Cake or Cake Envy, but may be I should seeing as HGC is having its Cheesecake Competition this month!
  • This is a review of Gaan Sushi, which is a small (four tables + a sushi bar) restaurant hidden behind Waikiki Sand Villa Hotel that caters to the sushi purist.
  • Jo McGarry does a quick interview with Kelly Sanders, GM of Sheraton Waikiki, on his approach to cooking and some of his favorite places to eat on the island.

Neighbor Islands

  • This post tells you that Max World Bistro, a fun eatery that serves up comfort food from around the world, is “Hot in Haiku.”
  • The Maui Arts and Cultural Center will be having their Maui Calls signature fundraiser Aug. 13 starting at 6 p.m. The theme this year is Glamour of Old Hawaii and to find out more information click here.
  • And this June post talks about how the best beet can win you some extra money at the Fruit and Vegetable Show at the Kaua‘i County Farm Fair, Aug. 26-29.

Geek Food

Do the mushrooms in the Mushroom Kingdom really look that tasty?

So part of the reason I was MIA for the past two weeks of July was because I was following all the updates from Comic-Con. Comic-Con is no longer just about comics and the masses of unwashed dorks that attend. It now has become a mecca for all things related to dorkdom.

Any chance that I can connect food and dorky goodness I’m all for. So when I came across this post in LA Weekly I’d thought I’d share it with you all. In the post it lists the top 5 absurd foods that were being marketed to dorks at Comic-Con.

So here are Emma Courtland’s picks with my comments on these dorky foodbits:

1. Zombie Blood – right here this is already absurd . . . zombies are dead already, and their blood is coagulated they are either moving due to biological or mystical means, but they aren’t running on their blood . . . anyway, not sure if I dig a green drink from med pac.

2. Gamer Grub – I’ll admit I like to snack on salty, unhealthy food from time to time, but this stuff looks like it is geared to kids who are given controllers before they are able to talk so mom and dad can play the World of Warcraft.

3. Super Mario Snerdles Candied Fruit Stripes – uh, what is a snerdle? Anyway, with so many choking hazards who wants to get this other than a Super Mario collecting nut.

4. Mana Energy Potion – ok, I’ll admit it, if this stuff taste like Powerade or Gatorade I might drink it for exercising or energy . . . or a marathon session of gaming.

5. Zombie Flesh Jerky – and we are back to zombies again, I love the undead genre, but like anything overdosing on it is just dangerous . . . then, again zombies never die . . . I’d probably try a bite.

And if you weren't sick of me shoving zombie-related stuff on a food blog here is a zombie food pyramid!

Raw or Regulated?

Is it time we go raw? Should we strip our food safety processes from the supply chain?

NPR recently brought an interesting issue to light. Whether or not people should be allowed to consume raw meat and milk products?

On one side are raw foodists, these people eat everything raw, not just their fruits and vegetables, but cheese, butter, fish, bison (bison?!), etc . . . . All of these raw foods are unfinished, non-hormone-injected products. These raw food advocates say that there is nutritional value to be had in these raw foods. There is also value in “friendly” bacteria that comes with the rawness. These people generally join a co-op that rejects the government’s rules on pasteurization and homogenization. Basically, they want E. coli and salmonella in their food because they believe it makes our immunities stronger. 

Of course the government doesn’t see that as being the case and has been shutting down their co-ops or confiscating the raw food. On this side, the regulators and advocates for safety feel that the bacteria in raw food is not safe for mass consumption. Moreover, the bacteria itself has evolved just as we have. 

So of course the difference in points of view led to police raiding Rawesome Foods in Venice, CA. 

What do you think? Do you think we have become overly protected due to government regulation and we should let the raw flood gates open? Or are there just some bacteria that shouldn’t be in our food supply?

Numbers and Pictures

The HGC blog randomly showing you random combinations like zombies and food.

Clearly, I am on a numbers and pictures kick (probably because I am too lazy to read anything lengthy). Anyway, here are 2 lists of Top 10 (or possibly just 12, but not “Top”) grouping of pictures that the author came up with to show you they can make connections amoung similar concepts and/or imagery.

First up from LA Weekly we have Top 10 Brain Cakes: What Happens When Zombie-Lovers Bake. Why is there a need for “Top”? Why can’t it be just “10 Pictures I Pulled Off of Flickr because I Couldn’t think of Something to Write for this Week”? Anyway, I still like this list because I love cupcakes and zombies. I’m a fan of fusion or mixed genres whenever it is done in an amusing way. Anyway, let me blend this food blog with my video gaming hobby. Go check out Plants vs. Zombies or the L4D series if you like zombies.

Next up we have Dark Roasted Blend’s series of pictures of “Quirky Kitchen Appliances with Somewhat Crazy Look and Feel to Them“. First of all I like the title, it rambles (kind of like how I do). Second, it has the toaster I bought my sister many years ago. It’s an awesome toaster if you like breakfast sandwiches. Thirdly, the aesthetics of dorkiness sceams that I must have one of these things in my kitchen.

Anyway, expect the next post to be about food with numbers and possibly useful or entertaining information.

Hawaii Food and Wine Paradise

Tickets are on sale for the 3rd Annual Hawaii Food and Wine Paradise (HFWP). It is May 27-29. If you want to check it out click here.