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Geek Food

Do the mushrooms in the Mushroom Kingdom really look that tasty?

So part of the reason I was MIA for the past two weeks of July was because I was following all the updates from Comic-Con. Comic-Con is no longer just about comics and the masses of unwashed dorks that attend. It now has become a mecca for all things related to dorkdom.

Any chance that I can connect food and dorky goodness I’m all for. So when I came across this post in LA Weekly I’d thought I’d share it with you all. In the post it lists the top 5 absurd foods that were being marketed to dorks at Comic-Con.

So here are Emma Courtland’s picks with my comments on these dorky foodbits:

1. Zombie Blood – right here this is already absurd . . . zombies are dead already, and their blood is coagulated they are either moving due to biological or mystical means, but they aren’t running on their blood . . . anyway, not sure if I dig a green drink from med pac.

2. Gamer Grub – I’ll admit I like to snack on salty, unhealthy food from time to time, but this stuff looks like it is geared to kids who are given controllers before they are able to talk so mom and dad can play the World of Warcraft.

3. Super Mario Snerdles Candied Fruit Stripes – uh, what is a snerdle? Anyway, with so many choking hazards who wants to get this other than a Super Mario collecting nut.

4. Mana Energy Potion – ok, I’ll admit it, if this stuff taste like Powerade or Gatorade I might drink it for exercising or energy . . . or a marathon session of gaming.

5. Zombie Flesh Jerky – and we are back to zombies again, I love the undead genre, but like anything overdosing on it is just dangerous . . . then, again zombies never die . . . I’d probably try a bite.

And if you weren't sick of me shoving zombie-related stuff on a food blog here is a zombie food pyramid!