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Off-Menu is Off the Hook!

I’d like to introduce a new, cool, and fun catering start-up here in Hawaii. Off-Menu!

Off-Menu is a full service catering company that can help you plan your dream event. Not only do they cater, but starting this month they will be having exclusive dining events with their chefs held in fun venues. The menus will be edgy, innovative, and fun. So Off-Menu will definitely be a different change of pace from your average catering company.

As for the lucky Grub Clubbers, we have been invited to their September event held at Manifest. For mroe information check your newsletter.

For a recap on their annual managers’ dinner check out Refridgeraider’s write -up here. If you want to find out more about the company check them out here.

Let them know you want what’s off menu at your next event!


NPR Recognizes How Special Our Food and State Really Are

If you are born, raised, or have lived in Hawaii for a number of years this NPR article does not really tell you anything new about our food, its history, and how much our cultural diversity has had an impact on foods. However, if you like to be reminded how special Hawaii is because of its history you only need look at its food.

I wholeheartedly agree with the writer’s ending paragrpah:

I love poke. I love shave ice. I love oxtail soup. And yes, I even love Spam musubi. But what I love most about local food is that every time I dig my chopsticks into a bowl of noodles or a Styrofoam box of plate lunch, I can taste the cultures that created it, the things they gave and took from one another to make the 50th state the most authentically American of them all.

The plate lunch, one lunch, came from many culturues. If that doesn’t fit the American bill, what does? Anyway, take a read of the article and remember how lucky you are in Hawaii.

Hawaii Food News Round-Up, Aug. 1-7

Oahu News

  • An interesting look at Hawaii’s community kitchens or incubator kitchens, which have help shape the small food businesses in the islands can be found here.
  • It’s peanut butter jelly time! Honolulu Weekly’s article gives you some location to get your nuttiness on! Some of my fave places to go in the list include: Bubbies, Hokulani Bake Shop, and Cake Couture. I haven’t tried Otto Cake or Cake Envy, but may be I should seeing as HGC is having its Cheesecake Competition this month!
  • This is a review of Gaan Sushi, which is a small (four tables + a sushi bar) restaurant hidden behind Waikiki Sand Villa Hotel that caters to the sushi purist.
  • Jo McGarry does a quick interview with Kelly Sanders, GM of Sheraton Waikiki, on his approach to cooking and some of his favorite places to eat on the island.

Neighbor Islands

  • This post tells you that Max World Bistro, a fun eatery that serves up comfort food from around the world, is “Hot in Haiku.”
  • The Maui Arts and Cultural Center will be having their Maui Calls signature fundraiser Aug. 13 starting at 6 p.m. The theme this year is Glamour of Old Hawaii and to find out more information click here.
  • And this June post talks about how the best beet can win you some extra money at the Fruit and Vegetable Show at the Kaua‘i County Farm Fair, Aug. 26-29.


It's like a rainbow, a rainbow of when stuff is available to eat! I want to eat the rainbow

Anyone who knows me, knows I love infographics. An infographic is a graphical representation of information, data, or knowledge (thank you, wikipedia). I also love food, thus I started an eating club, do a blog, and generally try to think of new innovative things to show you all (but not really as someone has already done it so I let the links do my work). Anyway, I was bored one day and typed in “food infographics” into Google (novel, I know). Of course Google does its magic and I have several sites with beautiful infographics showing me things about food I never knew.

For instance, the seasonality of certain foods. You know I always love strawberries and never know when they come around. I also think I only pay attention to gourds, melons, and anything the reminds me of my head (big and full of stuff in it, but not the tasty part). So I of course selected the picture to go with this post. I hope some of you find it happy. I’m always wondering when something is coming into season, so much so I might want to print out this handy infographic. May be you should too! I also totally coined a new term, food infographics, should be “infoodgraphics.”

Anyway, is there something in Hawaii food culture you’d like to see turned into an infographic? May be the consumption of spam by Hawaii as compared to the rest of the nation in the shape of a spam musubi?

Would you like some Salt with your Coffee?

You know what this needs?

Don’t you just enjoy the exotic blend of sea salt and coffee? Well, according to this NPR article Americans in California just might. A Taiwanese company is hoping to be the Eastern Starbucks here in America with its Sea Salt Lattes, squid-ink bread, made with Vermont sharp cheddar cheese and garlic paste, blueberry brioche, and a taro root bread.

Wait a minute taro root bread? That sounds familiar, in fact some of the stuff sounds like what we have here already or deviation. Don’t you think sometimes this novelty of East meets West has already happened in Hawaii?

Some salt, that's right sea salt, NOT sugar . . .

While Hawaii is not the center of the universe (just the center of the Pacific Ocean or the Ring of Fire!) it would be nice if this Taiwan hit would open a store here because the variety of cultures and tastes of islanders. They already would have a mixed crowd used to weird combinations.

Or rather than waiting for company’s to recognize Hawaii’s unique blend it might be time that Hawaii just has it’s own coffee and bakery company bringing the islands to the world rather than just visiting friends bringing bags of Kona Coffee to their friends on the mainland.  But in the mean time can you pass the salt instead of the sugar?

Hawaii Food and Wine Paradise

Tickets are on sale for the 3rd Annual Hawaii Food and Wine Paradise (HFWP). It is May 27-29. If you want to check it out click here.