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Bottled Water is Not Good

Bottled Water
Via: Term Life Insurance

Water is quickly becoming the “blue gold” for the 21st century. Here in Hawaii it is easy to take for granted the quality of water, but we too feel the effects of drought and are reminded how precious water really is to the Aloha state.

This infographic that I found at The Huffington Post created my Term Life Insurance really gets the message across graphically. I usually already try not to buy bottled water, and tend to carry water bottles around.

I do think it is kind of ridiculous that we live in the country with some of the best and safest tap water, but we use the most bottled water. It really should be China or Mexico, as their infrastructure and population densities would necessitate bottle water. Anyway, just my 2 cents.


Picture Worth a Thousand Calories

It's like Turkducken, but with fast food!

So I bring you this follow-up on yesterday’s post about the food infographic showing the average type and amount of food consumed by an American.

This series of pictures clearly shows some person trying to consume that average amount in one sitting in one dish. Truly amazing, a pizza that is combined with burgers, fries, and chicken McNuggets. Clearly, this is an attempt by one person who is trying to skew the infographics 29 lbs of fries and 23 lbs of pizza toward 30 lbs. I’d say they are making great headway.

My favorite part of the photos is the gun in the last picture. If I saw this series of photos in an art gallery and you told me the artist named the series “America: Fuck Yeah (Food Edition)“. I would say, “the artist has a way with words the way (s)he does with their subject.”