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Eat your Geekiness

If you don't know why that isn't cool(geeky) then you need to watch some BBC.

Do you like Star Wars? Your Iphone? Comics? Do you love cake?

Well, why not to combine the two? For birthdays? Of course, that is a no brainer! What about your wedding? Could you convince your loved one it’s time to go down the path of wedded bliss with Hello Kitty?

Anyway, check out these websites for some of the geekiest cakes made:

By the way, can someone tell me why is the Iphone geeky? I thought it was hip and cool . . . isn’t the Blackberry dorkier? Or is it just more corporate?

Oh yeah, and to my friends reading this I want a Star Destroyer cake . . . I mean it! Or a Death Star. It better be made out of chocolate!


Wine and Cheese on your Phone!

How cool would it be if you could actually drink from it too?

Well, this past weekend’s Wine and Cheese Party was a huge success. However, what if you want to replicate it? Or what if you need a quick idea for a pairing? Or what if you want to remember what you drank that induced that nice, warm, tingling feeling?

Well, for you Iphone users there are several apps to help you with those problems. Remember, “there’s an app for everything.”

In terms of cheeses, Slashfood has rated several apps, which you can check out here.

For wines, MacWorld has reviewed the options for winos. I personally use Drync because when I downloaded it was free. It also allows me to keep track of what I have drank and make notes . . . if I ever get to that stage because I’m too busy enjoying my wine. They need an app that just automatically can tell if I’m enjoying my wine or not and does all the work for me . . . or a gourmet robot would be just as cool.

Anyway, if you like food apps for your Iphone also check out this old post. For those of you without an Iphone I have no idea what to tell you . . . get an Iphone? Borrow an Iphone?

IGN’s Top Food iPhone Apps

IGN recently put up a piece telling you what their picks are for the top Iphone Apps.

What food apps doyou have on your Iphone? I use Drync Wine as an app to track wine consumed. I have Open Table, Yelp, and Urbanspoon to help me tell what is nearby to eat, make reservations, or read quick reviews.

Also if you don’t have an Iphone, what piece of gadgetry do you use to locate or plan your next meal?