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Delivery Diet

So many of us are working professionals with a lot of stuff to do and little time to do it. There is even a hard time to squeeze in a nice meal with good friends nowadays. Added to this stress is sometimes the urge to eat healthier. I mean come on face it, it’s hard to eat salad five days a week.

Well, in this New York Times article the writer explains about several businesses that have launched in NYC that caters to diets and delivers your meals to you. It’s like a college meal plan plus the capabilities of delivery pizza. I know that some of our members have tried that here with a chef that does such a thing.

So would you spend this kind of money? Or do you still rather go out and choose what you want to eat?

And while not quite delivery, the Hibachi in Kailua sells marinated foods that you just go in, pick-up, and stick on the grill. It’s that simple.