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Some Honolulu Grubby Information

So it’s been a while since the Honolulu Grub Club dropped some food news or information.  Been busy without a lot time to post stuff, but hopefully as we move through Spring I can drop some posts.  Therefore, without further adieu here are some interesting tidbits.

The Hawaii International Film Festival, which is between April 1 (Friday) to April 7 (Thursday), has three foodie films for your enjoyment.

  • First up, is The Recipe.  “Soybean paste.”  These are the last words of a killer.  Why would  a killer on the run stop and savor a bowl of soybean paste stew (된장 찌개 – doenjang jjigae)? It must be a killer bowl of stew.
  • Japanese film, Patisserie Coin De Rue (translates from French as Pastry Corner), is about a young girl from the country heading to Tokyo to find her fiance.  When she gets to the shop with the film’s name, she finds he no longer works there.  She decides to work there and interacts with a legendary pastissier.
  • Lastly, the Turkish film, Honey (Bal) us about a shy, young boy, Yusuf who adores his beekeeping father. One day his father goes missing and searches for him.

In Honolulu Grub Club news, the rules are up for a first ever See-Food Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Check it out if you want to participate and e-mail us.

This great article about deciding what to bring at BYOB establishments, written by Dabney Gough of Honolulu Weekly, has a great photo from the Off-Premise 4 event.  All the write-ups on Off-Premise 4 by members of the Grub Club can be found at these following sites:

Lastly, our awesome photographer has put up the shots from the event on the Flickr photostream.


Hawaii Restaurant Week and Other News! Oct. – Nov.

Ok, I know I have been deliquent with the posts about Hawaii Food News, but I got plenty stuff to do nowadays. Anyway, I’d like to share some foodtastic news with you all now!

It is Hawaii Restaurant Week (starting today, so yeah, I missed one day), but anyway Nov. 15 – 21, some 50 plus restaurants across the state will be having special menus. If you are interested, and I highly recommend taking advantage of the deals this week if you have free time, check out the listing here

In more fantastic restaurant news Honolulu Magazine has released its 2011 Hale Aina Award Winners list. You can check out the listing here. Soul, by Chef Sean Priester, won Gold for the “Best New Restaurant” category. Whats more is the HGC participated in Off-Menu’s Catering Service’s Off-Premise 2 with Chef Sean as the host chef of the night. Curious about how it all went down check out the following links:

In addition, Honolulu Magazine had an October write-up on Morimoto Waikiki. Hopefully, I can get my act together and post a review from the HGC’s Dinner last month there on One More Plate. However, in the meantime enjoy the HGC’s Flickr Photostream, as the latest pictures are from our meal there.

Korean Restaurants are also a highlight in this month’s Honolulu Magazine. Check out all the restaurants that they take a look at here. I for one love Korean food, and am a late night visitor to Sorabol and Cafe Duck Butt. May be when I get to that Morimoto’s review I’ll throw in a review on a Korean restaurant as well!

Lastly, let me mention Roberto Viernes interesting discussion of the concept of “paying it forward” as applied to the process known as Solera in winemaking. It consists of blending wines from consecutive harvests. Want to know more? Read it in his Midweek article here. I’m thinking of starting a post series here on the HGC known as “What Wine Do I Bring?” or something to that effect. As some of you know one of the HGC members is a sommelier and I always turn to him for the perfect wine to bring to house warmings, gifts, and just simple get-togethers. So look forward to it in the future!

See you all next time!

Hawaii Food News Round-Up, Aug. 22-28

I must try Chef Sean's fried chicken at Soul.

Sorry all, this update is late as well as the Cheesecake Competition. It’s been a busy week. Anyway, here is a quick rundown:


  • Honolulu Weekly serves up three new gourmet food trucks on the island: 1) T.A.S.T.E. (inspired by L.A.’s famous Kogi Tacos), 2) Jawaiian Irie, and 3) Opal Thai.  If you want to find out even more info on food trucks check out Refridgeraider’s earlier post on Soul Patrol and Shogunai Sushi.
  • Speaking of Soul Patrol, Star-Advertiser reviews Chef Sean’s (formerly of Top of Waikiki) new home at SOUL. Still waiting to try his awesome fried chicken.
  • Over at Midweek Jo McGarry interviews Sous Chef Andy Le over at Chef Mavro. Meanwhile, Roberto Viernes talks about how sake can become finer with age like wine.

Neighbor Islands

  • On the Garden Island, the “Hawai‘i Organic Farmers Association will be holding its 18th annual membership meeting from 2 to 6 p.m. on Sept. 26 at Kaua‘i Nursery and Landscaping, a news release states.”
  • The Maui News has the following articles to read:
    1. a rundown on the poolside restaurant, Kumu Bar and Grill at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa;
    2. a quick write-up on the arrival of the fondue chain of Melting Pot at Lahina Gallery;
    3. a brief report on how Maui Brewing Co. is now the state’s largest craft beer maker.

Honolulu Grub Club Blog Paradigm Shift

Dear HGC Members and Blog Readers,

I have some blog-altering news to share with you. It has dawned upon me the more and more that I have written posts for this blog the more it has begun to sound more like me (Refridgeraider). More like me in terms of interests, opinions, and tone of the posts.

However, this blog is not really about me, as I have my own blog (One More Plate). Basically, by sharing some many infographics and geeky references the Honolulu Grub Club Blog is sort of like that famous historical quote about the Holy Roman Empire (that it was not really “holy,” nor “Roman”, and not much of an “empire”). The HGC Blog has now become not really about Honolulu, not grubby, and nor much about the Club.

This is the picture I am using for this post as it was one of the first images to pop up on google search from "paradigm shift food" and I'm too lazy to photoshop or do a hard search for something more appropriate.

While I enjoy sharing Trivia Pursuit-worthy information with all of you I’d like for the sake of continuing interest in and the perpetuity of the club make a paradigm shift (OMG he used the title of the post in the post!). From now on all those funny pictures, interesting bits of info, and dorky references will reside on my blog, One More Plate.

On the HGC blog the posts will be more about the members, the HGC eating events, dining and food in Honolulu and Hawaii. However, rest assured that my need to share pointless trivia and dorky quotes will shine through now and then. I urge you all to subscribe to this blog (as well as my and other HGC member blogs) to continue to get updates.

So starting Thursday because I actually have some real work to do Wednesday you will see fun, weird, dorky food posts on my blog and real Honolulu or Grub Club-related info here.

Thanks, and I’ll see you all on One More Plate.

– Refridgeraider

P.S. The picture is a nifty tool called the “Diagnostic Kitchen” it basically will scan the food you eat and tell you how it will affect your body. Ok this is the last dorky piece of information that I am going to share here . . . for real!