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Progressive Dining Anyone?

The Honolulu Advertiser is trying to bring back a trend from the 1970s and 80s. Namely, Progressive Dining, which is a form of mobile potluck. However, upgraded to today’s standards it is grabbing a bunch of your friends and eating your appetizer, main course, and dessert at different locations. 

The Advertiser’s suggestions are delicious and pretty good. The only concern is time. When are you going to do this eating tour? Probably on a Friday or Saturday night. Have these people seen the traffic and parking on those two nights? How are you going to get from Kahala, Waikiki, and then to Manoa . . . it’s true they suggest walking and eating, but still someone needs to be driving. 

Must get to next meal, quickly!

Anyway, it might be fun to try some of these routes out as suggested by the article. Also it might be good to time them to see if it actually works out for a weekend evening. 

Better still can you come up with your own Progressive Dining route? Send it to the Grub Club and we’ll try it out and post our reactions.