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Hawaii Food News Round-Up, Aug. 29-Sept. 4


Don't worry about cracked eggs, it will be an egg-cellent three day weekend!


  • Vegetarians lamenting about how little restaurant options you have in the land of loco moco? Well, the Star-Advertiser just reviewed two new vegetarian restaurants that opened up. Check out the article here on Loving Hut and Peace Cafe.
  • Speaking of vegan, how about vegan cupcakes too? Check out Honolulu Weekly’s write-up on Rise Up Cakes!
  • Midweek interviews Dave Campbell, Brewer at Sam Choy’s Big Aloha Brewery. Sounds like an intoxicating! Might need to hit up Sam Choy’s for ideas for the HGC Oktoberfest Party!
  • Midweek also takes a look at Ka Lei Eggs and how its tradition keeps this local brand egg-cellent, as the mainland egg farmers suffer from salmonella outbreak; for more info on the salmonella outbreak check out this NPR article and see also this article about the resistance of eggs to salmonella.

Neighbor Island

  • Honolulu Weekly reminds of the Taste of Hawaiian Range Festival coming up on the Big Island’s Waikoloa. If you are on the Big Island next weekend something definitely to check out.
  • The Maui News has the following food interest pieces:
    • Whole Foods in Kahului has just made it easier getting breakfast with its new hot bar;
    • Sansei doesn’t want you to forget that they have awesome cooked entrees right alongside their raw items;
    • and its recommended you check out Bistro Molokini at the Grand Wailea for lunch and dinner.
  • Reported from The Garden Island: at the first-ever Kaua‘i Grown Chef Cookoff for Charity at the Kaua‘i County Farm Bureau Fair Chef Matt Dela Cruz, executive chef of Roy’s Po‘ipu Grill and Bar, topped his competitors.

Raw or Regulated?

Is it time we go raw? Should we strip our food safety processes from the supply chain?

NPR recently brought an interesting issue to light. Whether or not people should be allowed to consume raw meat and milk products?

On one side are raw foodists, these people eat everything raw, not just their fruits and vegetables, but cheese, butter, fish, bison (bison?!), etc . . . . All of these raw foods are unfinished, non-hormone-injected products. These raw food advocates say that there is nutritional value to be had in these raw foods. There is also value in “friendly” bacteria that comes with the rawness. These people generally join a co-op that rejects the government’s rules on pasteurization and homogenization. Basically, they want E. coli and salmonella in their food because they believe it makes our immunities stronger. 

Of course the government doesn’t see that as being the case and has been shutting down their co-ops or confiscating the raw food. On this side, the regulators and advocates for safety feel that the bacteria in raw food is not safe for mass consumption. Moreover, the bacteria itself has evolved just as we have. 

So of course the difference in points of view led to police raiding Rawesome Foods in Venice, CA. 

What do you think? Do you think we have become overly protected due to government regulation and we should let the raw flood gates open? Or are there just some bacteria that shouldn’t be in our food supply?