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Numbers and Pictures

The HGC blog randomly showing you random combinations like zombies and food.

Clearly, I am on a numbers and pictures kick (probably because I am too lazy to read anything lengthy). Anyway, here are 2 lists of Top 10 (or possibly just 12, but not “Top”) grouping of pictures that the author came up with to show you they can make connections amoung similar concepts and/or imagery.

First up from LA Weekly we have Top 10 Brain Cakes: What Happens When Zombie-Lovers Bake. Why is there a need for “Top”? Why can’t it be just “10 Pictures I Pulled Off of Flickr because I Couldn’t think of Something to Write for this Week”? Anyway, I still like this list because I love cupcakes and zombies. I’m a fan of fusion or mixed genres whenever it is done in an amusing way. Anyway, let me blend this food blog with my video gaming hobby. Go check out Plants vs. Zombies or the L4D series if you like zombies.

Next up we have Dark Roasted Blend’s series of pictures of “Quirky Kitchen Appliances with Somewhat Crazy Look and Feel to Them“. First of all I like the title, it rambles (kind of like how I do). Second, it has the toaster I bought my sister many years ago. It’s an awesome toaster if you like breakfast sandwiches. Thirdly, the aesthetics of dorkiness sceams that I must have one of these things in my kitchen.

Anyway, expect the next post to be about food with numbers and possibly useful or entertaining information.