Honolulu Grub Club Blog Paradigm Shift

Dear HGC Members and Blog Readers,

I have some blog-altering news to share with you. It has dawned upon me the more and more that I have written posts for this blog the more it has begun to sound more like me (Refridgeraider). More like me in terms of interests, opinions, and tone of the posts.

However, this blog is not really about me, as I have my own blog (One More Plate). Basically, by sharing some many infographics and geeky references the Honolulu Grub Club Blog is sort of like that famous historical quote about the Holy Roman Empire (that it was not really “holy,” nor “Roman”, and not much of an “empire”). The HGC Blog has now become not really about Honolulu, not grubby, and nor much about the Club.

This is the picture I am using for this post as it was one of the first images to pop up on google search from "paradigm shift food" and I'm too lazy to photoshop or do a hard search for something more appropriate.

While I enjoy sharing Trivia Pursuit-worthy information with all of you I’d like for the sake of continuing interest in and the perpetuity of the club make a paradigm shift (OMG he used the title of the post in the post!). From now on all those funny pictures, interesting bits of info, and dorky references will reside on my blog, One More Plate.

On the HGC blog the posts will be more about the members, the HGC eating events, dining and food in Honolulu and Hawaii. However, rest assured that my need to share pointless trivia and dorky quotes will shine through now and then. I urge you all to subscribe to this blog (as well as my and other HGC member blogs) to continue to get updates.

So starting Thursday because I actually have some real work to do Wednesday you will see fun, weird, dorky food posts on my blog and real Honolulu or Grub Club-related info here.

Thanks, and I’ll see you all on One More Plate.

– Refridgeraider

P.S. The picture is a nifty tool called the “Diagnostic Kitchen” it basically will scan the food you eat and tell you how it will affect your body. Ok this is the last dorky piece of information that I am going to share here . . . for real!


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